Team Building Ideas? Here's How You Start

How do you develop a team of youth for stepping, , and keep it holy unto God and ensure their hearts are right ? Let's talk about it.

Let me take a second to introduce myself, my name is Daryl Woodard and I'm your main host here at the site. I've been steppin now for quite some time, since about 1998 for ministry purposes and some prior experience as well.

I want to help you get your step team up and rollin strong, representing God first, and then whatever organization you are associated with.

I really think it's important that I preface this section before I get started so you understand where I'm coming from by saying this, I am very passionate about my Lord. I believe that Christian teams should do as much not to be like the world, but to do what they can to transform the world by standing for Christ and righteousness.

So when I talk about team development for Christian step teams, I am talking about setting up a team of individuals that truly love the Lord with all their heart and want to extend the love of Christ through youth ministry with a heart to win their audience to God. That being said, if your goal is NOT ministry related, then take the principles of what I'm saying and pick and choose what applies to your vision.

Alright now, down to business. Here are some of my team building ideas.

#1 Choosing the Right Team Members. Any step team you assemble there has got to be chemistry amongst the members. And that will be developed over time.

But the main thing that I always look for in a Christian Team is NOT talent. I wanna know does this person have the right heart first and foremost. So right off jump, I ask people that want to be on the step team to go to 2 Peter 1:10 where it reads "give diligence to make your call and election sure". Does this person really feel called of God to do this? Or are they just saying that because they want to look sweet and fresh while they steppin or doin their hip hop dance moves on stage?

Now AGAIN, if your goal or vision is not youth ministry related, then those people might probably be aight for your group then. And you'll do just fine, because you are doing what you are called to do. But if it's ministry, then you want people with pure motives, because as 1 Corinthians 1:29 says, "no flesh should glory in His presence". So make up your mind who is gonna glory, God or your flesh, cuz it aint gonna be BOTH.

So if you are youth ministry related and like the direction I'm going with this, let's keep it movin.

A persons' true motives will come out eventually, so it's best if you, as you assemble your step team, prayfully choose your people.

Remember, if you're just starting out your step team, these people are going to be the core of your vision, what you are building the foundation of your team on. So you want your core to be strong so your group will last.

I like to hand pick my people.

Here are a few of the things I look for in individuals for my ADULT Step Teams (ages 16 and up)...

BEFORE I approach them, I watch to see:

* is this person regularly attending church (or organizational meetings)?

* is this person serving their church or organization in some capacity?

* when praise and worship or prayer is going forth, does this individual seem to engage?

* how long has this person been a member?

* what do other ministry leaders see in this individual?

AFTER I have approached them, I confirm if:

* what does this person believe they heard from God after prayer?

* what do they feel they can bring to the table on the team?

* what is this persons family situation (single or married, children?)

* how much time can they commit to learning the steps, & contributing to the team?

* does this individual have a relationship with the Holy Spirit?

For my CHILDREN Step teams , criteria is similiar but slightly different since you deal with parents. So then here is some of my criteria I look at as I do team development for kids:

* have they accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior?

* are the kids respectful to their parents?

* do the kids respect other authority (school teachers, leaders in the church, adults)?

* are they paying attention in church service or goofing off?

* are their parents in agreement and committed to bringing them to practices and buying step team uniforms?

Children youth step teams have some different dynamics so I devote a whole section of this website to Developing Kids Teams .

Other ways to assemble the players on your step team is to have an open meeting inviting all interested individuals to get information about the team. At this meeting, stress the values that are important to your organization. Stress what their involvement is going to entail and what your expectations will be. Then schedule them for the next stage of joining your group which is.....

Once you have your initial list of names, now it's time to:

#2 Hold Your Clinics where you will assess their skill level in step dancing. Our groups usually set it up over a 4 week period. During the first 3 rehearsals we will cover a brief introduction into step dance by giving step dance lessons and we teach 2-3 steps, which includes a simple step and then a mid to more difficult step. We also ask all participants to bring a step that they created to the table plus any other step show ideas. You always want to choose people who will be able to contribute to the team.

I have found that the team chemistry works best when the final step show is a mixture of bit's and pieces of every member of team in some kind of way. Personalities of everyone should shine throughout the step shows. So that is why it's important to choose people who already come in wit step show ideas, step team chants, and/or stomp dance routines ready to go.

At the final rehearsal, that is where you will decide who makes the cut and who should wait for another season and tell them what they need to work on. Of course, from time to time, you will always have those that you have to let them know, you just ain't got what it takes to physically make the team. Just because it's a Christian team, don't compromise your standards of excellence. We want people that is physically fit and able to bring it. And then I've seen those whose coordination in step dance was so bad, it look like an American Idol audition.

Now that you've got the right players, or at least you believe that you do, now we can work on some additional team building ideas.

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