7 Ways to Create Step Team Names

Coming up with step team names is pretty easy if you have a model to follow.

Here are some simple ways to name your team:

1. Organization name followed by Step Team, Steppers, Stomp Team, etc- Whatever the name of your church, school, or organization, then tag step team. So if you go to Worthington High School, you’d be the Worthington High School Step Team or Worthington High Steppers. Pretty simple.

2. Use the phrase Steppers of (or even Steppers in) and then tag any other word you want that identifies what you want your team to stand for. For instance, if you like to worship, Steppers of Worship. If you are from a small town or city, Steppers of (enter name of town, city, or even county, doesn’t matter, it works!)

3. Form an acronym and then tag Steppers. For instance, H.O.T. Steppers stands for Holy Obedient Toddler Steppers. P31 Steppers (pronounced P three one) is a girls step team and comes from their desire to live like Proverbs 31 (three one). N4C P.U.S.H. Boys stands for Pray Until Something Happens Boys. The N4C is their church New Covenant Christian Center Church in Louisianna.

a) You can form your acronym 1 of 2 ways. You can take the name of something that already exists like the name of your church and just use first initials of name.

b) Or you can take a catchy name or phrase, or your favorite bible verse, and use that to form the name. For instance, the bible says Jesus is our Rock…so then you could do ROCK Solid Step Team, or maybe R.O.C. Steppers—Raised On Christ Steppers.

4. Use combination of numbers 2 and 3 above. So then, lets say out of your choice of step team names you choose to be Steppers in Christ. You can name your team S.I.C. (pronounced “sick”). Or maybe you are from Arkansas and you name your team Steppers Of Arkansas, but then acronym would be S.O.A.R (pronounced “soar” since Arkansas is AR).

5. Go to the Word. There is infinite inspiration there for step team names. Using the Word and any combination of numbers 1, 2, or 3 above. Just taking stories out of the bible, or scriptures, or favorite people. Off the top of my head, you could call yourself Stomp on the Devil Steppers, or Dance Like David Step Team, or P.O.W.E.R. (pronounced “power” for Prayer Obedience Worship and Eternal Reverence). How about Steppers of Genesis, or The Philippians 4:13 Steppers, or something slick for a younger team like the Psalm 2 to the 3 Step Team (stands for 23rd Psalms), once you get the imagination rolling, your list of good step team names goes on and on.

6. What is the identity of your step team? All male? All female? Children? Find a common thread in your group and then build on that until you get something you like using combinations of the above mentioned methods.

7. How about your favorite song? Sing that song and maybe take favorite verse out of it and use that. Return to Start A Step Team from Step Team Names

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