Step Team Chants

Step Team chants is one of the most fun parts about steppin. It is what makes the crowd go wild wit laughter, or make em stand up and holla & scream, or move em with any other crazy reaction that you tryna bring wit your punch line!

Within the secular ranks, the step team chants is one of the main things that drew me in.

Man, them groups would be up there stompin it out, wit them sweet jackets (the Black & Gold, maaan, you couldn't tell me nothin, hands down Alphas had the sweetest) and step team uniforms , all they had to do was say them stomp chants and I was hooked.

Ahhhhhhh, I still get amped thinkin bout how super hype that atmosphere would be, them brotha's steppin round the building, and then you'd here dat "ONE...ONE....ONE...ONE.....NIIIIIIINE" and outta nowhere the whole building would explode wit a......"OOOOOOOOHHHHHH SIX!!!!".

What!! What!! It seems like every one of dem step team chants them brotha's brought was the super bomb. (Dem Ice Cold brotha's talkin bout ICE ICE baby, too cold too cold, ICE ICE baby, the black N gold). They had a 1000 more and I knew em all.

But they wasn't the only one's.

You'd hear them brotha's of the Blue & White talkin bout "BLUUUUUUUUE PHIIIII" and then wit the quickness a loud reverb saying "UUUUUUUU KNNOOOOOOWWWW".

Them Que's BARKIN' and talkin bout "AIGHT, AIGHT"

Them Kappa's always representin strong and tossin' & twirlin them canes wit their step team chants.

And the women would rep strong too......the lady's with the Pink & Green jackets comin around chanting "I love my A in front of my K, I love my K in front of my A, I love my A.K.A"

Delta's, S.G.Rho's, Zeta's, all them, would stroll it out with them stomp chants hollarin' to the max.

Awww man, that's how you knew whoever was runnin the yard on whichever campus you was on, by who was the deepest at the major black entertainment events.

Brotha's could go anywhere on that campus and holla out a chant, it could be one cat to start it off, and 10 or 15 dudes would stand up and turn around chantin the end of it.

That's what made the draw so powerful. When these groups rep, they rep to the death. I've heard most if not all the groups pledge their eternal allegiance to their organization....they'll say something like "I wanna be a (fill in the blank frat or sorority ) till the day I die!!"

Bringin this discussion around to how it applies to the Kingdom, we supposed to be reppin' Christ to the death just like that if not even more so.

Unashamedly, unhindered, sometimes "in yo face" if need be, reppin strong lettin everybody know whats up.

That is what the world is waiting for, somebody to stand strong, ride or die for Christ.

That being said, when you come up with your step team chants, have fun with it! Go ahead and listen to the stomp chants that you hear other stomp teams do for inspiration, but then remix it for God's glory.

I'll give you just barely a few examples of some of the popular & historic (within our first stomp team, which is now over 13 years old and counting) step team chants we have done:

(spelling) G...L...O...Rrrrr....I....F.....yieeeee (Loud response)"GLORIFY GOD TILL THE DAY I DIE!!!!!!"

The ROCK The Looooord iiisssss myyyyy Rock Fortress, Deliverer, Strength In Whooom I trussst, my buckler, The horn of my salvation, ROCK!

Reppin (one stepper) Seek and save the lost.....(group reverbs)Seek and Save the Lost, Heyyyyy (one stepper) destroy the works of the devil......(group louder reverbs)destroy the works of the devil--Heeyyyyyy (one stepper) promote the abundant life.......(group even louder reverb) promote the abundant life--Heeyyyyy Shhhhhhhh, Jesus.............Jesus, Jesus, We reppin Jesus....Whhhhaaat, Jesus, Jesus, We reppin Jesus....Whhhhaaat, Jesus, Jesus, We reppin oooooo,ooooo,ooooo, BOOOM!

Not Ashamed I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospppel of Jesssssus Chriiiist! (repeat)

The Word of God Haaaaaaave you haaaaad....yo..Woooooord Today Hah, hah, yah, hayeeee Haaaaaaave you haaaaad....yo..Woooooord Today Hah, hah, yah, hayeeee!!!

Jesus Christ Aaaaah Jee! Aaaaaah Jee! Ah Je...Ah Je...Ah Jesus Christ! Abbbrrrr Ah Je!

Souljas At Ease Soulja's at ease Lace up your boots Soulja's take arms Soulja's salute Hit the battle field prepare for war I the army of the Lord!

For more ideas, scroll towards bottom of page!

Yeah man, we got many many more of these, and the more you create your inspired steps before you know it, your step team will have tons of em.

My prayer is that you find your identity as a step team, and you rep whatever step team chants your team creates like you crazzzy.

When other people see how excited you are for the team you reppin, I promise you it's gonna draw people to you like a magnet. And of course, as you lift up the name, it makes you a candidate to receive what Jesus said that "if I (JC) be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me".

Do you have any chants to share?

Share your Christian chants here, it might help somebody who is just getting started! The more ideas, the more people we can help! God bless you in advance for your ideas!

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