Don't Be a Copy Cat. Find Your Own Identity. Step Show Ideas to Locate You.

This portion of the website is dedicated to encouraging you to find your identity. I want to expand your step show ideas so you don't become a copy cat step team.

One thing that you can always tell when you watch fraternities or sororities perform is who is who. Almost 100% of the time, if a frat or soro were to step without their colors and not mention anything about their organization, probably within just a couple minutes, you'd be able to just about pinpoint which group they are from. Sometimes, styles are very similiar between certain frats/soros. But EVERY group has their signature style that ONLY belongs to that group and anytime you see another outside organization use or copy that style, you will hear the words,"Oh yeah, thats a (fill in the blank) step right there!".

I'ma give you some step show ideas and suggestions to get you going in right direction towards finding your own ID.

I heard a woman praying at our church in Columbus, Ohio years ago, right after I got promoted to be step team captain. At this time, I had been on my face askin JC to help me out, because I had no idea what I was doin and there was 6 mighty men of God at the time on the step team lookin at me like "so what we gone do?". As she was prayin, leading the corporate prayer, I heard her say these words, "Lord, your Woooord is anointed. Your Wooord is anointed."

Well thats all I needed to hear. I knew that was God speaking to me. You see, I wanted our step team to be different from all other teams. I wanted to be used by God in a mighty way. And I knew that according to Isaiah 10:27, that any burdens that people had could be removed and destroyed because of the anointing. Thats all that anointing means, that when someone has a hard challenge, God's ability can come on the scene and handle that thing.

So that being said, what God was telling me through that prayer was that if I based every step on the Word of God, then our steps would be anointed, WE would be anointed to preach the gospel through step dance ministry and cause people to be set free from the challenges tryin to hold them down!

If you are a step team that is just starting out, you probably don't have an identity yet.

You're identity needs to start with the Word. What is the prevailing Word that is evident in your ministry? What does your Pastor believe God has given him the assignment to do? That needs to be your identity. For example, ours was based on the vision and mandate that God gave to our Pastor, so we being an extention of our church, we based all of our steps around those principles. That being the case, that is what became our identity by default. Everytime you see us, we were performing steps with a message that was built upon our churches vision and mandate.

If you are building a step team that is not based in a church, perhaps a community organization, then what is the vision of the group that you are stepping for? What is the purpose of the organization?

Alright so you might be thinking, all this sounds fine and all, but we don't have no steppin experience at all. How do we figure out how to create the steps without copying off another organization? That is something you have got to trust God on.

It is okay to watch other groups to see what the different styles that is out there, but when you see an Alpha Phi Alpha step and you think it's the bomb and you get inspired, don't take that step and copy it verbatim. You need to use that inspiration to try and recreate that step with your style in mind. Even down to the step dance moves.

Inevitably, being a new organization, you will eventually copy some step dance moves and be influenced heavily by a particular frat or sorority one way or another. This could happen either by watching all the youtube step shows and other step show clips. Or even by one of your members being a former or current member of one of the frats or sorors. Especially when the 2nd scenerio happens, of course alot of the steps that you use will "look like" steps from that person or people's background. But over time, if you focus on creating your own style, using other groups as inspiration, but trying to create steps that emphasize what your group is about, you can begin to have your own identity.

And especially if you are a faith based organization, you have the advantage of prayer and trust in God to eventually develop your own style and identity. He WILL come through in this area.

That really needs to be the goal. You don't want every time you perform your step dance routine for somebody in the audience to be like, "Oh yeah, I saw the (fill in the blank) do that step before!"

Especially if you gone be performing in a college campus enviroment eventually. When that group sees you minister, they might feel like "They bitin' our style. That's our step they up there doin."

Check out some step show clips from some other groups in God's Kingdom right now. You will get some kingdom inspiration!

God bless!!

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