Step Dance Lessons to Correograph a Step Routine

Alright, lets get into step dance lessons for correographing a step dance routine.

Every step show needs:

1) Strong Intro - always gotta have high energy and get the crowd on their feet. There are many ways to accomplish this. Here are just a few of my favorites....

a) raw dog intro NO music- this is where you line your step team up and march right on stage. Usually the group is connected/linked together in some fashion and chanting. You do this when you settin the tone that you mean business. You bout to get straight to the point-- REAL FAST!!

b) raw dog intro wit music-this is when you line your group up and come right in "mean muggin it" to some gospel christian hip hop with a nasty base line while doin some kinda buck wild stomp. You do this also when you settin the tone that you mean business, but on this type intro you get the crowd rockin wit you as you prepare to do spiritual battle and stomp it out!


c) suspense intro- personally this is my favorite. this is when you get the crowd wondering what's about to happen. Keep them off guard. Never be predictable. You do this when you have a masterpiece of a stomp dance routine ready to go. This is when you've spent alot of time, maybe even months in planning, and your step show is air tight! these intros can be up to 3-5 minutes long just by themselves and will include video productions, stage and spot light action, special dramatic music and voice overs, very imaginative and creative ideas, there is no limit here. you're building up the suspense because you know you got swag and you definitely not gonna disappoint!

d) dramatized intro- this is where you do a skit or dramatized miniture play. You do this when you want to establish the theme of your step show prior to coming to the stage. It could be something your Pastor has been preaching on lately, or something that has something to do with your organization.

e) praise and worship intro- this is where you come in on some JMoss, Tye Tribbett or some Byron Cage, or the likes and bring atmosphere of praise on the scene right off jump.

f) basic walk on stage intro- this works if you are stepping for the very first time, you're a brand new step team and trying to get your team goin. No one knows you yet, so there are no expectations, you can just line right up on stage and get right to it.

2) Good strong steps - usually 3-5 is good number. 1st step has to be high intensity, high energy to set the tone for the step show. The middle steps can be a mix of highs and lows in no particular order, but you generally want to build, not get too boring. Mix up the tempos, keep it fresh and everything looking good and polished. Last step needs to hit 'em strong. That's the last impression your gonna give them before you leave the stage.

a) Steps need to be polished- practice practice practice. Rep it out. You want your men or women on point. Don't want people sloppy, so the more practices you have, take advantage of it. Most people aren't able to focus full time on this, so if you could, no less than 2 rehearsals a week is the goal. It also helps unity & chemistry on the step team.

b) Steps need to be fresh- have a good mixture of step dances. Change the pace and style. Have some good humor if possible. Be silly, but keep it tight. Or you can just "bring it" the whole time you're up there. Either way, don't be too monotone, all the steps sounding the same.

3) Good and meaningful transitions- less walking around. Try to keep it tight. Do a "take it easy" step dance as you move into position for the next step. Some people talk or quote scripture verses too. When this is done, do it quickly and uniformed. Don't look like your lost. The transition is a good way to catch your breath too when done correctly. You definitely need a few of these moments, so that each step comes out with the highest amount of energy possible.

4) Nice Outro- at this point, you've knocked em out wit your intro & throughout the step show, so you can leave many different ways.

a) smooth outro- stroll on out to some gospel rap or some christian R&B like Mary Mary, KiKi Shierd, Canton Jones (Cajo), etc, etc.

b) party outro- another high energy step, but this one is a happy step, not the mean muggin you did on the intro.

c) high energy outro- this is when you want to keep the tempo strong from start to finish. more power to you!

d) chant outro- no music, just words, chanting a message that was perhaps established in the step show.

e) worship outro- bring on some Fred Hammond or Byron Cage, take it on out in the spirit!!

f) basic walk off the stage outro- Again if you're steppin for a new step team, this works fine. If you're coming up on a step show, I'd rather spend the most time on the meat of the show, that is where the message is heard, the intro and outro are just dressing on the salad.

5) Uniformity

Some final tips:

(Click here for tips for BEGINNERS) Show should last anywhere from 5-15 minutes in length. Don't want too short or too long. Make sure you pace yourself. Adrenelin usually makes people speed up and sometimes mess up. Don't worry about the mess up's, just keep it movin. It happens. You'll live for another show, just realise it's always show time when on stage, so don't give away the mess up's and most times people won't know. Whatever you do, don't ever stop! If you forget a line, just put on the Emmy face and flow wit it. Again I stress, never be predictable, don't ever let onto what you plan to do before you do it. Keep your step team practices as private as possible. it will build the anticipation when you arrive on the scene.

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