The 5 Basics to Start a Step Team from Scratch

For those of you who are wondering how to start a step team get it going, I pray information on this site is helpful. Give me some feed back to let us know how we are doing in that area, if there is anything missing here that would be helpful, let us know so we can jump on it.

I will boil it down to 5 basic steps you need to take to start your team from scratch.

#1) Get the vision for your team. Is it gonna be a CO-ED step team? All male? All female? Proverbs 29:18 tells us without vision, the people perish, so if you want your team to last, get in prayer and find out how far you want to go with this stomp team. What is the purpose for this team? To win souls? Is it to be an outreach or is it to complement your in-house youth ministry, or both? Get that vision and you are on your way to building your stepteam! Of course, once you have the vision, do like Habakkuk 2:2 says, Write the vision and make it plain! Do you have a name for your team yet? Click here for some help. If you are in a church, then you will need to run this vision past your Pastor, Youth Pastor, or person in charge to get their blessing. Then proceed on to STEP 2.

#2) Recruit your members. Recruit people who share that same passion for the vision that you have. You can do this face to face (hand picking is my favorite recruiting method), or by making an announcement of some sort and having interested people either contact you or come to a meeting that will be held to discuss the vision. If you only have a small number of people show up, NO WORRIES, you take the 1 or 2 people you have and let God use what you got, He will take care of the rest, trust me!

#3) Hold your first meeting. Establish the vision to your team and the team mission statement. This mission statement should line up with the mission of the ministry that you are affiliated. Establish goals for the step team, when will first ministry date be? Establish rehearsal guidelines, days and times..

#4) Teach the steps . Get all your correography worked out and rep the show until you've got all the kinks worked out. You want to do a polished presentation on your first time out, remember, this will set the tone for how people perceive your team from here on out.

I think this works best when everyone contributes. Try to have everyone bring some material to the table. There are a wealth of resources and inspiration available to help your members come up with the steps. #5) Do the stepshow ! After you do your show, and you have done it to God's glory, your team will increase. I can honestly say that I believe with all my heart that you will have people asking to be on the team after you have poured out your heart in that first step show, and your recruiting will be that much easier for the next show. From this point, go back to step 3 and REPEAT! Continue to review goals, vision, expectation with your team. Continue to hold your people accountable to those expectations.

At this point, one of the single most important things you need to do is keep recruiting. Here are some reasons why and some tips to how to do it. #6)BONUS STEP! Do these steps and your step team will be on the MAP! Once you have your team going, contact us and give us your testimony, then ADD your team to our wall so everyone can celebrate your success!

ALSO, when you have the date that your performance is going to be, let everybody know by clicking here ! This will keep our site visitors that are near your city in the loop and we can come out and support your group! Any step show related events that you find out about in your area you can also post at that link!

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