Step Team Uniform Ideas- Black Greek Clothing

CLICK HERE TO BUY UNIFORMS This is one area of expertise that I was lacking big time, so I will give you some tips on black greek clothing apparel to get you going and you can take it from there.

There are stores and individual business owners you can find in your local area that will do step team uniforms for you. But we have also listed a few online stores where you can custom order your stuff right now at bottom of this page.

You just have to decide which direction you are gonna go based on what your step show theme is and your budget.

Are you going to do black greek clothing apparel?

Or are you going with hip hop gear?

Or the more dressed up shirt, vest, and tie look?

Or just something real simple and inexpensive?

Most of your black greek clothing apparel is going to cost you at very least $20-$30 for maybe a tee shirt and upwards as much as $300 or $400 for maybe like a greek jacket.

But then if you're thinkin bout going with just your basic jeans and tee shirt, depending on the amount of times you think you're gonna be performing, you might not even have to buy the jeans since most people have a pair, so your whole outfit might only be $10 bucks.

You could always go with the army fatigues. That's when you bringin a hard routine. Soulja's in the army of the Lord!

Camouflage comes in generally 5 colors, purple, blue, green, brown and lavendar.

If you know that your group is gonna be performing quite often, my advise is go ahead and buy something that's gonna be durable and last.

If you have correographed a step show routine that has the Probate step show feel to it, you will most likely want hoodies or some kinda ski masks. But I would have your step team take off the hoodie at some point in the program, it gets real hot.

If you lookin for boots, most teams I've seen go with Army jungle boots which usually cost around $45 after tax (depending on which city you're in).

If you buying for a kids team, I recommend simple, unless the organization is going to pay the cost. I always am respectful of parents budgets and even if the cost is little, I try to give plenty of time (months in advance if possible).

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